Web-forgery monitoring solution

Web-forgery monitoring solution
that detects the forged webpage by integrated monitoring

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Product Introduction

WEBMON is a solution maximizing the effectiveness of integrated management of websites that can immediately respond and report, and inspect flexible detection policies and various detection history by detecting the forged webpage in operation through 24/7 monitoring of websites exposed to risks at all times.

  • Monitoring
    • Monitoring by website or group
    • Detection information search and warning notice
    • Excellent visibility with intuitive web UI structure
    • Statistical analysis on detected event
  • Failure Management
    • File size management
    • Website response code management
    • Website access status management
  • Security Management
    • Forgery monitoring by inspecting threshold
    • Forgery monitoring by inspecting hash value
    • Various web content monitoring
    • Decoding function for obfuscated code
    • Detect rule based malicious code
    • Detect transit and distribution point of malicious code
  • Alarm Function
    • Failure warning according to abnormal website access
    • Security warning according to website detection information
    • Response processing according to alarm
    • Warning according to crawler agent performance information
    • Alarm management according to website security policy
  • History Management
    • Failure detection event history management
    • Security detection event history management
    • Forged evidence data management by saving website source code and screen
    • Audit history management
  • Policy Management
    • User authority management
    • Crawler agent management
    • Failure policy management
    • Security policy management
    • Detection rule management
    • DNS access management

Advantages of WEBMON

System Structure of WEBMON

Control Response Layer
Management Layer
Data Collection & Analysis Layer
  • User
    • Monitoring collected information in real time
    • Search analyzed information and generate warning
    • Warning and detection policy management Create report
    • Create report
  • Manager
    • Save warning and detectionpolicy
    • Save analyzed data
    • Analyze data statistics
  • Crawler Agent
    • Receive warning and detection policy
    • Collect and analyze website failure & security information