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Participated Eighth International Cyber Security Conference 2014.10.10 1463

IGLOO SECURITY participated in the exhibition booth and lecture presentation to promote ‘Malware Proactive Prevention Solution, IS-KIMO’ at ‘ISEC 2014’ (Eighth International Cyber Security Conference) hosted by KOEX at Samsung dong in the last month of September 22nd and 23rd.


The lecture presentation was progressed in the Day 1. B track, and Dong-Woo Kim, the director in precedent technology center, made a presentation about the theme of ‘The Trend of Attacker and The Analysis in Recent Attack Cases, The Defense Strategy’ At the end of presentation, he attracted the attention of audiences by showing the actual demonstration about attack and defense.

Through this lecture, the director Dong-Woo Kim received the highest point from the total result of onsite vote and SNS vote by participants and won the award of best speaker in ISEC 2014

In the exhibition booth, the promotion focused on the points of 1) actual demonstration of IS-KIMO and 2) comparison between the existing Anti-Virus and Anti-Exploit; and the point that 3) Anti-Exploit solution is suitable to detect and block in advance the intelligent type penetration attack by the attacker in order to protect the assets from the malignant code which becomes much more intelligent.






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