A security diagnosis automation solution

A security diagnosis automation solution
that can not only perform IT asset management but also automatically diagnose security vulnerabilities.

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Product Information

Smart[Guard], which provides integrated support for IT asset management and vulnerability diagnosis, is designed to help you quickly and easily identify the following points: what vulnerabilities can affect a large number of IT assets, whether there are IT assets with low security, whether vulnerabilities are well patched, and whether the information protection regulations on the enterprise are being observed well.
It took several weeks or even several months to identify the status of IT assets and to diagnose/respond to security vulnerabilities. However, corporate security can be further enhanced by an all-in-one solution, Smart[Guard] which can quickly identify the status of assets and automatically diagnose security vulnerabilities.

Main Features of Smart[Guard]

특장점 : Knowledge, Synergy, Analysis
  • Enhanced Security

    Establishes a preventive and proactive response system for external threats by grasping the real-time vulnerability status of IT assets

    Eliminates vulnerability gray zones through exhaustive diagnosis rather than sampling diagnosis

    Reduces the risk of various security incidents such as internal management information leaks, customer information leaks, etc.

  • Cost Reduction

    Reduces consulting costs since the enterprise’s own personnel become capable of self-diagnosis

    Identifies vulnerable assets and reduces database synchronizing time

    Reduces management costs due to shortened diagnosis time by automation

    Applies the same diagnostic criteria for all IT systems and quantifies the results

  • Improved Efficiency

    Reduces time to identify system information for response to security breaches /vulnerabilities through asset management

    Improves the security management process by automating IT S/W asset status management, diagnosis and result execution.

    Internal members can perform vulnerability diagnosis and take proper measures themselves without relying on external consulting.

System Configuration of Smart[Guard]

SmartGuard 시스템 구성도 SmartGuard 시스템 구성도 SmartGuard 시스템 구성도